Student Activities and Resources

In seeking to provide a useful resource, the Wharton Risk Center has compiled student activities and resources available around the University of Pennsylvania for students interested in climate and sustainability issues.

Student Groups across Levels of Study

Penn Climate Ventures – PCV is a student organization committed to building out Penn’s climate innovation ecosystem.

Penn Innovation Network – PIN is a student organization that elevates career accessibility and exposure to multiple verticals, including ESG Finance, socially innovative ventures, cutting-edge tech businesses, and unique job and training opportunities.

Wharton Student Sustainability Advisory Board – The SSAB is a student-led board to inspire leadership and innovation by advising and advocating student entrepreneurs with sustainability-related initiatives focused on operations.

Undergraduate Student Groups

Wharton undergraduate student groups include:

The Student Sustainability Association at Penn (SSAP) is the umbrella group for undergraduate sustainability student groups at Penn.  SSAP was founded in 2010 to foster cohesion among environmentally-focused student groups, develop strategies for impacting campus sustainability, and create a unified student voice on green issues at Penn.

A few student groups under the SSAP umbrella include:

  • Penn’s Student Eco-Reps is an environmental leadership program for students interested in advancing sustainability through the implementation of campus-based projects.
  • Penn Environmental Group (PEG) is Penn’s oldest and largest environmental student group that focuses on a combination of events, speakers, and projects dedicated to enhancing the environmental community at Penn and working toward a greener future.
  • Penn Sustainability Consulting is a student group committed to providing sustainability consulting services and solutions to local enterprises.

Graduate Student Groups

The Wharton Sustainable Business Coalition seeks to inspire MBA students on how to integrate sustainability into their personal lives and professional journeys.

Some additional MBA student clubs include:

Climate Leaders @ Penn is a community of graduate students across the University of Pennsylvania who are interested in addressing climate change and seek to connect with like-minded peers.

See Penn Sustainability’s list of additional graduate student groups across campus focused on environmental sustainability issues.

Penn Sustainability

Penn Sustainability is a University-wide initiative to advance environmental sustainability at the University of Pennsylvania, and coordinate programs to develop a more sustainable campus. Check out Penn Sustainability’s resources, including Academic Centers across Penn engaged in environmental sustainability topics, Guides & Manuals to help guide your environmental sustainability efforts, and opportunities for Student Participation in Penn Sustainability.

Research and Grants

Check out the Wharton Risk Center’s Business, Climate, and Environment Lab to learn about current areas of research at Wharton to design smart public and private sector policies related to climate and environmental topics.  The lab includes a list of affiliated Wharton scholars engaged in research on these topics.  To learn more about student research opportunities at the Risk Center, please visit our student research page.

Opportunities across Penn:


  • Wharton Risk Center’s Undergraduate Fellows Program –The goal of the program is to complement students’ academic experiences at Penn by providing education, career development, and practical engagement on climate risk management, disaster resilience, and sustainability topics that are relevant to private and public sector stakeholders.  This one-year fellowship program is open to upperclassman and includes a fall seminar and spring research project.
  • Kleinman Center for Energy Policy’s Undergraduate Seminar – The Center’s Undergraduate Climate and Energy Policy Seminar provides an overview of timely climate and energy research across Penn campus.  The spring seminar is open to undergraduates with a demonstrated interest in climate and energy policy and includes a written piece.
  • Perry World House’s Undergraduate Fellows Program – Students are selected for the program based on their keen interest in global affairs and their commitment to collectively addressing a pressing policy challenge for a full academic year.  Students participate in a year-long policy project, regularly-scheduled seminars, and field learning in Washington, D.C. or New York City.
  • Penn IUR’s Undergraduate Fellows in Urban Leadership Program – The program engages a small cohort of selected students with high-level local, regional, and national leaders drawn from government, business, and civil society to discuss decision-making in urban places. Throughout the year, students participate in a monthly meeting with public and civic sector leaders.

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