Shereen Chaudhry

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Wharton Risk Center

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Personal webpage:
Address: 3730 Walnut Street, Suite 500
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dr. Shereen Chaudhry earned a B.S. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT and a Master of Health Administration at Cornell University. In July, she received her Ph.D. in Behavioral Decision Research from the Department of Social and Decision Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University.  Shereen’s research examines certain types of communication and their implications for emotional responses to situations and attributions of character.  Her work has demonstrated that people underestimate the value of thanking and apologizing to others. At the Risk Center, Shereen will examine the ramifications of thanking, apologizing, bragging, and blaming for teams when either the outcome of effort is uncertain or the share of one’s responsibility is uncertain.  She will also investigate the role of apologizing and blaming in impacting the public response to natural disasters and other public emergencies.