Russell Ackoff Fellowships 2015

Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowships 2015

Proposal Title
Alixandra Barasch Marketing Paper, plastic, or penalty? The motivating force of carrot versus stick incentives
Nora Becker Health Care Mgmt & Economics The Impact of State Contraception Coverage Mandates on Contraceptive Utilization
T. Bradford Bitterly OPIM Risky Business: How Humor Increases Status and Trust
Andrea Contigiani Management Extrinsic Rewards, Intrinsic Motives, and Innovation
Hengchen Dai OPIM The Effects of Task Categorization & Temporal Focus on Productivity
Kaitlin Daniels OPIM Learning by Doing and Product Differentiation in the Solar Panel Installation Industry
Berkeley Dietvorst OPIM Understanding Algorithm Aversion
Katrina Fincher Psychology Look me in the eyes: Eye contact mediates the empathic giving via perceptual dehumanization
Andrew Johnston Business Econ & Public Policy Optimal Teacher Compensation & Teacher Preferences
Yeonjin Jung Marketing Good Policies that Are Too Effective to be Good
Theresa Kelly OPIM Why and When does Question Specificity Affect Prediction Quality
Minji Kim Annenberg Character-audience Similarity & Persuasion: Moderating Role of Message Themes in Anti-Smoking Campaign Messages
Dokyun Lee OPIM The Impact of Recommender Systems on Consumers: Study of Sales Volume & Diversity
Adam Leive Health Care Mgmt & Economics Dying to Win? Olympic Gold Medals & Longevity
Emma Edelman Levine OPIM Ethical Dilemmas and Trust
Robert Mislavsky OPIM The Effect of Pride and Disappointment on Motivation
Jihae Shin Management How People Perceive Serendipity & How It Affects Their Decision Making
Shalena Srna Marketing Influence of Income Tax
Bradford Tuckfield OPIM The Marginal Propensity to Consume an Employer Bonus
Evan Weingarten Marketing What Drives “Clumpy” Consumption?