Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowships 2015

Proposal Title
Luis Ballesteros Management Lead, Follow, or Abstain: Organizational Decision-making in Highly Uncertain and Dynamic Environments
Alixandra Barasch Marketing Gaining or losing focus? How photo-taking affects consumer experiences
T. Bradford Bitterly OPIM The Impact of Humor on Interpersonal Perception and Behavior
Emma Boswell Health Care Mgmt & Economics India’s Market-Based Pharmaceutical Price Control Regulation: Evidence on Firm Response, Product Quality, and Access
Andrew Boysen Finance Health Insurance Policy and Entrepreneurship
Devon Brackbill Annenberg School for Communication Designing Collaboration Networks to Improve Collective Problem Solving
Shulamite Chiu Health Care Mgmt & Economics The Effect of Insurance Expansions on Supply-Side Behavior in Dentistry
Amanda Chuan Applied Economics Public Announcements of Support and Default Settings
Berkeley Dietvorst OPIM Diminishing Algorithm Aversion
Emma Edelman OPIM Lie unto others as you would have others lie unto you: Community standards of deception
Celia Gaertig OPIM Framing effects in medical decision making
Xuan Gao Psychology and Marketing Mental simulation of missing information affects risk attitudes towards future experiences
Ana Gazmuri Business Economics and Public Policy Revealed Preferences through School Choice and School-Side Cream-Skimming
Stephen Glaeser Accounting Termination Risk and Executive Risk Taking
Zheng Jai Jennie Huang Business Economics and Public Policy Peer Effects on Charitable Giving: How Can Social Ties Increase Charitable Giving Through Cognitive Dissonance?
Fujie Jin OPIM Value Creation from Social Media Strategies: Evidence from Large Sample Firm-Level Analysis
Daniel Kim Finance Can we explain Bitcoin’s price? Trading volume and volatility?
Adam Leive Health Care Mgmt & Economics Health Insurance Choices and Retirement Saving: The Relationship Between Health Savings Accounts, 401(k)s, and Insurance Plans
Jiaying Liu Annenberg School for Communication When Do Boomerang Effects Happen? The role of normative appeals and processing styles on attitude change among people likely to be skeptical about a message
Tong  (Joy) Lu Marketing The Effects of Reward Distribution Systems within Social Network Structures on Motivation and Performance
Chenyi Ma School of Social Policy and Practice Still Vulnerable after All These Years? Housing Recovery in New Jersey Communities after Sandy
Robert Mislavsky OPIM Why Are Field Experiments Unethical?
Preethi Rao Health Care Mgmt & Economics Hospital Response to Reimbursement Change: Evidence from California Medicaid
Sydney Scott Psychology and Marketing Preferences for Natural when Preventing versus Curing
Holli Seitz Annenberg School for Communication Effects of Mammography Narratives On Risk Perceptions and Screening Intentions
Jackie Silverman Marketing Shh, it’s a secret, but pass it on: The impact of secrecy on sharing behavior
Shalena Srna Marketing Influence of Formal Dress on Purchase Behavior
Evan Weingarten Marketing Purchase Processes Under Informational Uncertainty: The Case of Webrooming and Showrooming
Shinjae Won Management Exploring Tenure as a Signal for Loyalty and Competence in the Market for Senior Managers
Andy Wu Business Economics and Public Policy Organizational Decision-Making and Information: Angel Investments by Venture Capital Partners
Jingwen Zhang Annenberg School for Communication Developing an Online Social Network Physical Activity Intervention for Young African American Women to Reduce Risks for Chronic Diseases