Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowships 2021

Recipient Department Proposal Title
Sabrina Arias & Joshua Schwartz Political Science Think Globally, Act Locally: The Determinants of Local Policymakers’ Support for Climate Policy
Linnea Gandhi OID Novel Strategies to Inoculate Against the Hindsight Bias
Samuel Geldin City and Regional Planning Rethinking the Heavy Hand of Flood Prevention: An Investigation of Design-Based Retreat Practices in the Philippines
Beidi Hu OID Subjective belief distributions for uncertain events
Mia Jovanova Annenberg Risky health decision making depends on brain responses to peers and social network position
Christian Kaps OID Privately owned battery storage – re-shaping the way we do electricity
Lauren Kaufmann Ethics and Legal Studies Social and Environmental Risk Information Avoidance in Impact Investing
Prakash Mishra BEPP Assessing the welfare effects of agricultural trade policy using a novel forest loss measurement technique
Philip Mulder Real Estate Flood Adaptation: Causes, Consequences, and Disparities
Chioma Woko Annenberg Investigating COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Black Americans