Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowships 2020

Recipient Department Proposal Title
Ada Aka Psychology & Marketing Predicting Perceptions of Health States Using Digitized Big Data
Sumitra Badrinathan Political Science Fighting COVID-19 Misinformation in India
Beidi Hu OID Intuitive Perception of Interval Estimates
Joowon Kim Marketing Numeric Judgments and Decisions
Erika Kirgios OID The Push and Pull of Numeric Diversity Goals
Katie Mehr OID Multiple vs. Single Rating Affects Overall Experience Rating
Philip Mulder Applied Economics Risk Beliefs, Disaster Insurance and Endogenous Adaptation
Leeann Siegel Annenberg School of Communications Examining Moderators in the Effects of Exposure to Media Norm Information Related to Health Risk Behaviors
Park Sinchaisri OID Learning Best Practices
Sam Skowronek OID Gaming the System: Reevaluating the Dynamics of Deception
Siyuan Yin Marketing The Devil You Know: The Problems of Equilibrium Goals