Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowships 2019

Recipient Dept. Proposal Title
Ada Aka Penn Dept. of Psychology Core Memory Processes in Choice Behavior
Uri Barnea Marketing Department The Effects of Message Ephemerality on Communicators
Dillon Bowen OID Wisdom of the Inner Crowd
Edward Chang OID The Isolated Choice Effect and Its Implications for Gender Diversity in Organizations
Akudo Ejelonu Penn  Population Studies Center Migration, Health and Behavior of Permanently Displaced Communities
Post-Hurricane Katrina
Stefanie Gratale Annenberg School of Communications Inoculating Against Misinformation
Lauren Kauffman Legal Studies & Business Ethics Perpetuating Incivility in the Workplace
Joowon Kim Marketing Department A Further Investigation into the Benefits of Choice
Soojong Kim Annenberg School of Communications How social dynamics influence the persuasiveness and virality of misinformation
Erika Kirgios OID I Didn’t Do It for the Money: Forgoing Incentive Earnings to Retroactively Signal Intrinsic Motivation
Do Eon (Donna) Lee Annenberg School of Communication What You Read and See — the Influence of Incongruently Valenced Text and Images in Political News on Readers’ Attitudinal Response and Intent to vote
Joshua Lewis OID Motivation to Influence Probabilities: Prospective Outcome Bias or Desperation?
Zhenqi (Jessie) Liu Penn Dept. of Economics The Short-run Effects of GDPR on Consumer Engagement
Katie Mehr OID Charitable Giving: A Matter of Perspective
Rui Pei Annenberg School of Communication Developmental trajectory of peer effects on adolescent decision making: a cultural perspective
Aneesh Rai OID Measuring Backlash Against Organizational Gender Diversity Initiatives
Wichinpong (Park) Sinchaisri OID The Structural Behavioral Model of Gig Economy Workers
Sam Skowronek OID Investigating the Emotional, Cognitive, and Environmental Antecedents of Unethical Behavior
Andrew Smith Marketing Department Consequences of the Decision to Delegate
Esther Uduehi Marketing Department Individualism vs. Collectivism: Impact of Perceived Target on Risk-Taking
Hongyu Zhang Health Care Mgmt & Economics Adverse Selection in the Individual Health Insurance Market: Evidence from the ACA Exchange