Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowships 2018

Proposal Title
Elisa Baek Annenberg School for Communication What makes information spread? Psychological and neuroscientific approach to understanding moderators of information sharing in the context of false news
Jiayi Bao Business Econ and Public Policy Why firms offer dicey perks? The case of unlimited vacation
Uri Barnea Marketing The effects of message ephemerality on communicators
Edward Chang Operations, Information and Decisions Who gets credit for ideas in uncertain situations?
Corey Cusimano Psychology Predicting people’s use of evidence and incentives during belief advocacy
Celia Gaertig Operations, Information and Decisions Making better predictions in an uncertain world
Yoonhee Ha Perlman School of Medicine Cost-effectiveness analysis of a randomized, controlled trial of financial incentives for smoking cessation
Natalie Herbert Annenberg School for Communication Tailoring an intervention to ameliorate neg effects of expert disagreement on healthy behavioral intentions
Zheng Jai Jennie Huang Business Econ and Public Policy Transaction utility and consumption “errors”
Polly Kang Operations, Information and Decisions  Guilt-proneness/Shame proneness Influences the Reverse Inference Process of Emotions
Lauren Kaufmann Legal Studies and Business Ethics Fourth party punishment: assessing complicity and blameworthiness of the bystander
Danny Da Eun Kim Annenberg School for Communication Brands, media and text mining
Joowon Kim Marketing Decision maker satisfaction with algorithm-based choice
Erika Kirgios Operations, Information and Decisions Progress framing and slack in diversity goals
Hye-Yon Lee Political Science and Communication Partisan favoritism or animosity? Using economic games to disentangle in-group love from out-of group hate
Joshua Lewis Operations, Information and Decisions Clarifying theories of anchoring and reference points
Ike Silver Marketing Dares, public challenges, and the social psychology of aversive consumer behavior
Wichinpong (Park) Sinchaisri Operations, Information and Decisions The impact of economic and behavioral drivers on gig economy workers
Sam Skowronek Operations, Information and Decisions How anticipated and expressed embarrassment affect behavior
Colin Sullivan Business Econ and Public Policy Patiently waiting: strategic organ refusal on the liver transplant waitlist
Esther Uduehi Marketing Impact of identity labels on health-related behavioral outcomes
Allyson Volinsky Annenberg School for Communication Comparing alternative strategies for choosing health communication campaign topic foci
Ozge Yapar Operations, Information and Decisions The effect of post-authorization pricing regulation on clinical trial design