Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowships 2017

Proposal Title
Uri Barnea Marketing The effects of message ephemerality on communicators
Joshua Becker Annenberg School for Communications Can social influence improve financial forecasting?
T. Bradford Bitterly OID Humorous deflection
Edward Chang OID Testing an online intervention to reduce gender bias in the workplace
Yupeng Chen Marketing Can films improve the performance of referral programs by inducing reciprocity from customers?  Evidence from a field experiment
Amanda Chuan Business Economics & Public Policy Labor Market Outcomes and the Reverse Gender Gap in College Enrollment
Youran Fu Business Economics & Public Policy Using social data to inform color inventory decision making
Celia Gaertig OID The wisdom of the inner crowd
Qing Gong Economics Physician learning and decision making: evidence from treatment choices for brain aneurysms
 Zheng Huang  Applied Economics  Motivated Beliefs and Transaction Utility: Effects of Pricing Format on Willingness to Pay
Polly Kang Management The Effect of Shared Experience on Anger
Brooke Kelly Marketing Prosocial conflicts of interest
Elissa Kranzler Annenberg School for Communication​ Harnessing the power of a ‘neural focus group’ to predict population-level anti-smoking message effects on risky decisions among adolescents
Joshua Lewis OID Extremeness aversion in estimation
Robert Mislavsky OID Integrating non-quantitative quality and outcome judgments
Sam Skowronek OID The impact of reminders on prescription pickup
Shalena Srna Marketing When modesty pays
Basima Tewfik Management “My doctor’s an impostor!”:understanding the positive interpersonal outcomes of experiencing the impostor phenomenon
Esther Uduehi Marketing Obesity identity labeling: outside looking in, inside looking forward
Vanitha Virudachalam OID Optimizing performance pay in K-12 education
Ozge Yapar OID Bayesian bandits for sequential clinical trials of multiple technologies