Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowships 2016

Proposal Title
Josh Baker Marketing On the Evaluation of Beliefs: a method for assessing credibility in subjective probability judgment
Jiayi Bao BEPP Equality and Equity in Compensation
T. Bradford Bitterly OID The Impact of Power on Humor
Edward Chang OID “Twokenism” on Corporate Boards: Threshold Effects and Gender Diversity
Shulamite Chiu Health Care Mgmt & Economics The Supply-Side Effects of Insurance Expansions – the Case of Dentistry
Amanda Chuan Applied Economics Online Peer to Peer Markets and Information Transmission Mechanisms
Andrea Contigiani Management Motivation, Experimentation, and Creativity
Celia Gaertig OID The Effects of High vs. Low Confidence on Perceived Advisor Quality
Stephen Glaeser Accounting The Effects of Proprietary Information: Evidence from Trade Secrecy
Natalie Herbert Annenberg School for Communication​ Is Inequality Inescapable? Modeling and experimental studies on structural inequality
Zheng Huang BEPP Click Here to Save the World: Slacktivism in Charitable Giving
Brooke Kelly Marketing The First-Mover Authentic Advantage
Kwon Lee Statistics Discovering Effect Modification in Matched Observational Studies with Multiple Controls
Stella Lee Annenberg School for Communication​ The Effect of Message Construal Level on Subsequent Conversational Content
Joshua Lewis OID Differing Ethical Preferences for Friends and Leaders
Bowen Lou OID Do Happy Workers Make Productive Firms? An Empirical Study of Online Job Evaluations, Hiring Outcomes and Firm Performance
Robert Mislavsky OID Discrete Loss Aversion
Kate Odziemkowska Management Social Risk Mitigation: The Role of Firm-Community Contracting
Sydney Scott Marketing Naturalness of a Product is a Trustworthiness Cue
Shalena Srna Marketing The Perception of Multitasking and Performance
Basima Tewfik Management Quit While You’re Ahead: Understanding the Impact of the Impostor Phenomenon on Decision Making at Work
Evan Weingarten Marketing Modeling Multiple Goals as Reference Points
Jia Xue Social Policy Social Media and Agenda-setting for Intimate Partner Violence in the US and China: Comparison between Twitter and Weibo
Sijia Yang Annenberg School for Communication​ Can Tailored Value Appeals Correct Misconceptions about Scientific Controversies and Motivate Online Commenting to Promote Consensus Among Scientists?
Lori Young Annenberg School for Communication​ The Influence of Poverty Discourse on the Political Attitudes and Preferences of Low-Income Citizens
Mingli Zhong BEPP Optimal Defaults in 401 (k) Plans