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At a time of unprecedented political change, companies are struggling to manage political risk. The Wharton Political Risk Lab is undertaking a program of activity that explores the relationship between political risk, corporate performance, and political risk management. Our mission is to help organizations translate political uncertainty and transformation into strategies that create, preserve and realize value.

2018 EY-Wharton White Paper Surveying 20+ Years of Academic Literature on Political Risk Management

Witold Henisz and James McGlinch (2019), ESG, Material Credit Events, and Credit RiskJournal of Applied Corporate Finance.

Witold HeniszBusiness, Inclusive Stakeholder Relations and Conflict.

Gold Mine Studies

International Organizations

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Witold Henisz, Dhruv Malhotra, Robin Nuttal, A new measure to assess companies’ external engagement in London School of Economics Blog.

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