Climate Risk Solutions

30 Solutions to Climate Risks: Proposals from Across the University of Pennsylvania

  • Idea #20

    As We Adapt to Climate Change, Legal Doctrine Must Also Adapt

    As climate change destabilizes the physical environment, longstanding legal doctrines are also ripe for destabilization. Today, federal, state, and local climate adaptation measures must be careful to not run afoul of the Regulatory Takings doctrine.

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  • Idea #7

    Plant Trees Strategically and Wisely

    Design is how we articulate and visualize different possibilities for our future. Designing with nature, including planting trees strategically and wisely, can help mitigate the effects of climate change as well as adapt to those fluctuations.

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Idea #22

Rewarding Communities that Build for the Future: A Resilience Policy Score

By Carolyn Kousky

Idea #21

Incentivizing Local Governments to Manage Disaster Risk More Effectively

By Brett Lingle

Idea #20

As We Adapt to Climate Change, Legal Doctrine Must Also Adapt

By Mark Nevitt

Idea #19

From EJ (Environmental Justice) to CJ (Climate Justice): The Lessons of Iconic Katrina

By Regina Austin

Idea #18

Redirecting Capital Flows of the Insurance Industry

By Alexander Braun

Idea #17

Reducing the Risks of Water Insecurity

By Trevor M. Penning and Marilyn Howarth

Idea #16

To Modernize US Water Infrastructure, We Need New Financial Tools

By Allison Lassiter

Idea #15

Solving Climate Change Through a Grid Infrastructure Overhaul

By Daniel E. Walters

Idea #14

Land Use, Labor, and Local Engagement: Transformation of Urban Sprawl

By William W. Braham

Idea #13

An Import Tax as a Border Adjustment for National Climate Policies

By Howard F. Chang

Idea #12

Insuring Ecosystems to Ensure Climate Resilience

By Sarah Light and Carolyn Kousky

Idea #11

Listen to National Security Professional on Climate Change’s Risks

By Mark P. Nevitt

Idea #10

Transition to Net Zero: No Single Silver Bullet

By Julie Keenahan

Idea #9

It’s Time to Rethink Our Roads

By Erick Guerra

Idea #8

Think Globally, Act Locally… Think Globally Again

By Anna Mikulska

Idea #7

Plant Trees Strategically and Wisely

By Frederick Steiner

Idea #6

Can the Federal Mortgage Finance System Help Manage Climate Risk?

By Benjamin J. Keys

Idea #5

Addressing Climate Change in an Era of Denial

By Howard Kunreuther and Bob Meyer

Idea #4

How Congress Might Address Climate Change:  Two Lessons from Past Practice

By Jean Galbraith

Idea #3

Recruiting Values for Tough Decisions on Climate Change

By Steven O. Kimbrough

Idea #2

The Very Effective Carbon Tax and its Political Hurdles

By Ioana Marinescu

Idea #1

Reducing Emissions is More Important than Reducing Fossil Fuel Combustion

By Mark Alan Hughes