Upcoming Events

The Risk Center seeks the active input and involvement of experts and stakeholders across sectors and disciplines through a variety of avenues, including round-table discussions, seminars, conferences, and other events. This page lists events hosted by the Center, or hosted by our partners with Center participation.

Questions about upcoming events?  Please contact Carol Heller, Event Manager at hellerc@wharton.upenn.edu.


Junior Research Seminar: The Cost of Compliance: Welfare and land use implications of agricultural certifications

Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 4:00-5:00pm ET

Presenter: Prakash Mishra, Ph.D. student in applied economics, Wharton School

This seminar is part of our monthly junior research seminar series. Learn more about them here and please contact Helen Wiley at hewiley@wharton.upenn.edu with your name and affiliation if you are interested in joining our monthly junior research seminar mailing list.

A Climate Crisis in Insurance Markets?

August 12, 3:00 – 4:00 PM ET 

Climate change is threatening the ability to offer insurance against some climate-related disasters. This webinar will highlight challenges in the California homeowners market related to wildfires, and in the southeast U.S. related to hurricanes and floods. Panelists will discuss the many public insurance programs in operation, existing cross-subsidies in disaster insurance pricing, and the difficult choices that will face regulators, program managers, and Congress in the coming years. The webinar will end with a discussion of policy proposals to address these challenges and the need to rapidly address climate change.


  • Nancy Watkins, Milliman (moderator)
  • Patty Born, Florida State University
  • Lloyd Dixon, RAND
  • Kelly Hereid, Liberty Mutual
  • Brian Powell, Alabama Department of Insurance

This event is part of our Conversations about Climate Change and Insurance series.


Insurance, Climate Change and Our Housing and Mortgage Markets

August 23, 3:00 – 4:00 PM ET 

Insurance can be central to securing a mortgage and protecting homeowners. Yet, as climate risks grow, insurance premiums are going to necessarily need to rise to reflect the risk. These projected future increases in risk are often hidden from the market—which is limited to one-year contracts—while long-lived decisions are being made, such as the issuance of 30-year mortgages or the siting of development. Panelists in this webinar will discuss how risk will grow in the coming decades, how pricing and insurance might react, and the impacts for housing and mortgage markets.  The webinar will discuss how to correct this information failure and send clear signals on the increasing risk to market participants.


  • Ben Keys, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (moderator)
  • Lynn Fisher, Federal Housing Finance Agency
  • Matt Kahn, University of Southern California
  • Michael Lacour-Little, Fannie Mae

This event is part of our Conversations about Climate Change and Insurance series.



“Climate Prof”  –  Climate Week Event

Thursday, September 23, 5:15 – 6:45 PM ET

Nine Wharton professors will present their research on climate change in five minutes or less.

Moderator:   Sarah Light, Assistant Professor of Business and Legal Studies

Registration information to come.