Regional Conservation as a Climate Adaptation Tool

St. Louis’ Great Rivers Greenway (GRG) District oversees planning and execution of a network of trails and open spaces designed to link rivers, parks, and communities throughout the St. Louis region. Although not established with climate adaptation as an objective, this approach to conservation, often targeted at riparian corridors, has created natural infrastructure that lowers flood damages. This model that could be adopted in other regions as a way to fund green infrastructure for building climate resiliency.Read More

The Importance of Accurate Flood Hazard Maps and Risk-Based Premiums

In a recent study, the Risk Center’s Howard Kunreuther and Marilyn Montgomery calculate structure-specific, risk-based flood insurance premiums for nearly 12,000 North Carolina homes and compare them to current NFIP rates. Their findings underscore the importance of developing accurate flood hazard maps to price insurance effectively and communicate flood risk. Read More