Parametric Hurricane Protection in Dominica: Insights From Initial Adopters

In this blog post, Susanna Berkouwer, Joshua Dean, and Kamen Velichkov share an overview of a survey done during fall 2021 with the Climate Resilience Execution Agency for Dominica (CREAD) to study people’s perceptions of hurricane risk and their insurance options.Read More

The First Multi-Peril Disaster Insurance Product – A Q&A with Darren Wood of Recoop

Recoop Disaster Insurance has come to market as a parametric-like solution and the first multi-peril disaster insurance product available for homeowners. The Risk Center reached out to Darren Wood, Founder, and President of Recoop Disaster Insurance to learn more about this new product.Read More

Direct Air Capture: Costs, Benefits, and the Future

While Direct Air Capture technology faces several challenges including resource limitations and risks such as over-reliance, carbon storage costs and safety, and unsustainable uses of captured carbon, research from the IPCC has shown that it will be required to reach emissions targets. Read more from recent graduate, Hiyori Yoshida.Read More

The Role of Home Equity in Flood Insurance Demand

As millions of homes in the U.S. are exposed to increasing flood risks, the lack of insurance coverage can threaten the sustainability of the mortgage system as we know it. Yanjun (Penny) Liao and Philip Mulder share insights from their recent paper “What’s at Stake? Understanding the Role of Home Equity in Flood Insurance Demand”.Read More

Encouraging Resiliency With Auto-Enrollment in Supplemental Flood Insurance Coverage

Can private insurance encourage homeowners to adapt their properties in order to reduce escalating flood losses from climate change? A recent study finds substantial demand for a novel supplementary flood insurance product that funds low-cost adaptations to reduce future damage when rebuilding after a flood—and shows that auto-enrollment increases that demand.Read More