About the Wharton Risk Center

The Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center undertakes cutting-edge research on a range of risk-related topics, promotes multi-disciplinary investigations to analyze societal challenges, and engages in cross-sector collaborations to develop innovative policy solutions to improve resilience across sectors and scales.

Meet the Team

Robert Meyer email
Frederick H. Ecker/MetLife Insurance Professor of Marketing
Faculty Director, Wharton Risk Center

Carolyn Kousky email
Executive Director, Wharton Risk Center

Howard Kunreuther email
James G. Dinan Professor Emeritus of Decision Sciences & Public Policy
Co-Director Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Wharton Risk Center

The Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center, established in 1985, is a research center affiliated with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Engaging students and faculty throughout the University in collaborations, research projects, and other partnerships, the Center is recognized worldwide as a leader in risk-related research and policy analysis. The Risk Center also serves as a bridge between scholars at Penn and organizations and decision-makers in the public and private sectors.

The Center’s work is currently centered around five thematic areas: (1) disaster risk management, (2) business, climate, and the environment, (3) risk communication & decision-making, (4) behavioral science & technology, and (5) political risk.  The Center is also pioneering new policy ideas for improving risk and resilience across sectors and scales through our Policy Incubator.

Visit our lab pages for more information on current projects and contributing scholars.


Ebony Adams email
Budget Administrator / Grants Manager

Karina French email
Climate Resilience Fellow

Jesse Gourevich email
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Carol Heller email
Event Manager

Zoë Linder-Baptie email
Communication and Engagement Coordinator

Kyle Sweeney email
Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow

Helen J.P. Wiley email
Policy Analyst and Project Manager

Xuesong (Song) You email
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

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3819 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
PHONE: 215-898-5688
FAX: 215-573-2130

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