Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowships 2013

Proposal Title
Naoki Aizawa and You S. Kim Economics Risk Selection & Advertisement in the Medicare Advantage Market
Luis Ballesteros Management The Drivers of Corporate Philanthropic Catastrophe Response: The Firm-Community-Event Triad
Alixandra Barasch Marketing Emotion Signals in Prosocial Behavior
Jonathan Z. Berman Marketing Expense Neglect in Forecasting Personal Finances
Cexun Jeffrey Cai Marketing Social Comparison in Contests
Cindy Chan Marketing Moral Violations Reduce Oral Consumption
Shiliang Cui OPIM Modeling Consumer Decision-Making in Blind Queues & Retrial Queues
Hengchen Dai OPIM The Effects of Individual Monitoring and Mental Depletion on Compliance with Standards: Field Evidence from the Hand Hygiene Practices of Health Care Professionals
Kaitlin Daniels OPIM Demand Response in Energy Markets: Voluntary & Involuntary Contracts
Sunita Desai Health Care Management & Economics Patient Learning of Preferences for Health Providers
Christine Dobridge Finance How Does Regulatory Risk Affect Firms? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Katrina Fincher Psychology Sacralization & Entification: Conscience, Cohesion, and Group Competence
Ari Friedman Health Care Management & Economics Cost-shifting between public and private insurers
Arun Gopalakrishnan Marketing Consumer Dynamic Usage Allocation and Learning: Theory and Empirical Evidence
Yeonjin Jung Marketing Public Attitudes towards Paternalistic Policies
Dokyun Lee OPIM Friending Consumers: The Effect of Advertising Content on Consumer Engagement in Social Media
Emma Edelman Levine OPIM When Dishonesty Breeds Trust
Melanie Thomas Marketing The Influence of Emotional Certainty on Attitude Certainty
Bradford Tuckfield OPIM Why Do People Quit? Speedy Exits in Timed Chicken Games
Boris Vabson Business Econ & Public Policy What Managed Care Does and How It Does It: Evidence from New York and Texas
Evan Weingarten Marketing Examining When People Talk About and Why: How Uncertainty, Accessibility, and Arousal Affect Whether People Talk About the Past, Present, or Future