Proposal Title
Pavel Atanasov Psychology Risk Preferences in Choosing for Self and Others
Luis Ballesteros Management Corporate Philanthropic Catastrophe Relief: Drivers and Consequences
Alixandra Barasch Marketing The Impact of Individual versus Societal Optimism on Risk-taking and Decision-making under Uncertainty
Bob Batt OPIM Docs Under Load: The Endogenous Nature of Work Content in an Emergency Department
Jonathan Berman Marketing Discipline and Desire: Strength of Will and Purity of Character in Judgments of Virtue
Alison Brooks OPIM Reappraising Anxiety as Excitement with a Minimal Statement Improves Performance
Cindy Chan Marketing Gratitude, Guilt, and Gift Giving
Hengchen Dai OPIM A Test of the Availability Heuristic:  The Impact of Media Attention Devoted to Celebrity Cancer Diagnoses on Cancer Screening Rates
Anthony DeFusco Applied Economics Estimating the Price Elasticity of Demand for Housing Services Using GSE Private Mortgage Insurance Requirements
Emma Edelman OPIM Thinking and doing: Why we procrastinate on thinking tasks
Barbara Elias-Sanborn Political Science The Critical Ally: Conditions for Cooperation and Defiance in Counterinsurgency Partnerships
Katrina Fincher Psychology Power  & Punishment: When Power Causes a Change of Conscience
Burcu Gurcay Psychology Understanding Complex Judgment Processes: Multiple Cue Judgment Tasks with Three Cues
Theresa Kelly and Berkeley Dietvorst OPIM Subjective Anonymity: The Influence of Identity on Prosocial Behavior in Anonymous Settings
Hyun Suk Kim Annenberg School for Communications Social Diffusion of Health Risk Information: The Roles of Message Characteristics, Message Tailoring, and Social Influence
Livia Levine Business Ethics and Legal Studies Behavioral Responses to Contemptuous Expressions
Susan Mello Annenberg School for Communications Visual Communication and Public Consciousness of ‘Invisible’ Environmental Health Risks
Anita Mukherjee Applied Economics Understanding the Emerging Micropensions Sector in India
Vivek Shah Applied Economics Managing weather risk through workfare participation: Evidence from India’s NREGA scheme
Dina Shapiro Annenberg School for Communications Impact of Targeted HIV Messages on Anticipated Stigma Risk
Melanie Thomas Marketing The Influence of Speed on Time Allocation Decisions in Social Connection