Proposal Title
Victoria Acevedo-Perez Health Care Management Implications of Choice and Guaranteed Issue in Insurance Markets
Jonathan Z. Berman Marketing Reducing Choice Conflict from Trade-offs Between Self-benefitting and Prosocial Options
Amit Bhattacharjee Marketing Construction and Expression of Core Beliefs
Cindy Chan Marketing Pride and Preference
Hengchen Dai OPIM How Feelings Towards Whom We Know Carry Over To Others Sharing Their First Names
Katrina Fincher Psychology Moral Spillover: Understanding Biases in the Judgment of Moral Trajectories
Stephanie Finnel Marketing Feeling Torn – Coping with Ambivalence and Conflicting Identities in Consumption
Simin Gao Penn Law School Will the Green Shoots Blossom from the Withered Wood? Regulatory Intervention, Bankruptcy Reorganization and Distressed Financial Firms’ Recovery
Arun Gopalakrishnan Marketing The Effect of Compensation Structure on Agent Decision Making under Uncertainty in a Multi‐period Setting: A Normative and Experimental Analysis
Wendy Ham Management Giving Randomness a Chance: Strategy vs. No Strategy in Knowledge Acquisition
Tae Wan Kim Legal Studies and Business Ethics The Role of Civility In Decision Making Under Risk
Livia Levine Legal Studies and Business Ethics When the Price Isn’t Right: A Decision Processes Approach to Ethics in Price Setting
Jessica Pickett Health Care Management Behavioral Constraints to Insuring Health Expenditures in Developing Countries
Daniel W. Sacks Applied Economics Annuity Demand and Health Insurance
Eric Schwartz Marketing Beyond the Basic Bandit Problem in Interactive Marketing
Aditi Sen Heath Care Management The Effect of Insurance Changes on the Demand for Health Care: Evidence from Massachusetts
Dina Shapiro Annenberg School What will people think of me? Measuring the anticipated risk of disease related stigma
Jihae Shin Management Intrinsic Motivation and the Assessment of Creativity
Alison M. Wood OPIM I’m so sorry it’s raining! The positive effects of superfluous apologies