Proposal Title
Pavel Atanasov PSYCHOLOGY Asymmetric Payoffs and Cooperation in Inter-Dependent Security and Prisoner’s Dilemma Games
Jonathan Berman Marketing Warm Glows and Cold Truths: Affective Reactions from Donations to Charitable Causes
Amit Bhattacharjee Marketing Moral Decoupling: Motivated Dissociations of Moral Value and Product Value
Cabral Bigman ANNENBERG SCHOOL Testing the Effect of STI Racial Health Disparities Information on Perceived Risk and Prevention Intentions among Black and White Women
Peter Busse ANNENBERG SCHOOL Testing normative messages to promote intentions to get tested for HIV among Latinos
Cindy Chan Marketing Differentiating the “I” in “In-Group”: How Identity-Signaling and Uniqueness Motives Combine to Drive Consumer Choice
Stephanie Finnel Marketing Moral Identity and Unpleasant Donations of Time versus Money
Santiago Gallino Operations and Information Management Does Inventory Have Psychic Effects? A Test Using Extreme Weather for Exogenous Variation
Jose Guajardo Operations and Information Management Do warranties matter? An empirical analysis in the automotive industry
Adam Isen Business and Public Policy The Heritability of Cognitive & Non-Cognitive Skills, their Genetic Overlap, and Evironmental Moderation
Fern Lin Marketing Human Decision Processes and Risk Management
Antonio Moreno-Garcia Operations and Information Management The Impact of Customer Behavior on the Automobile Supply Chain: A Study of Consumer and Manufacturer Reactions to Gas Prices
Anita Mukherjee Applied Economics Estimating Structural Models of Insurance Demand Using Data from a Randomized Field Experiment in Gujarat, India
Adam Powell Health Care Management and Economics An exploration of firm goals and uncertainties when acquiring a high-tech durable good: The case of CT machines
David Rothschild Business and Public Policy Forecasting: Expectations, Probabilities, and Observable Characteristics
Eric Schwartz Marketing Exploration and Exploitation in Interactive Media
Jason Schwartz HISTORY and SOCIOLOGY of SCIENCE Advisory Committees in U.S. Biomedical Regulation
Vivek Shah Applied Economics Motivated Beliefs, Attention, and Insurance
Ewa Szymanska PSYCHOLOGY Moral impartiality and neglected loyalties in third-party punishment
Alison Wood Operations and Information Management Bring it on: How Successful Negotiators Strategically Choose to Feel Worse
Joel Wooten Operations and Information Management Managing Uncertainty in Leader Retention: How Firing on Firm Performance Can Be the Wrong Choice