Proposal Title
Colleen Baker Legal Studies Intricate Interdependencies in the Federal Reserve System
Amit Bhattacharjee Marketing Escaping the Crosshairs: Reactance to Identity Marketing
Jeonghye Choi Marketing Local Preference Minorities and the Internet: Why e-Retailer Demand is Greater in Areas Where Target Customers are in the Minority
Xiaoyan Deng Marketing Assisted Self-Design versus Free Self-Design: Application to Nike Shoe Configurator
Pnina Feldman OPIM Advance Selling, Strategic Consumers and Competition
Stephanie Finnel Marketing Feeling Torn – How Conflicting Identities Impact Consumer Decision Making
Daniel Fleder OPIM Methods for Information Sharing: Do Recommender Systems Create Fragmentation
Joelle Fong Insurance and Risk Management Longevity Risk and Compulsory Annuitization: Managing Asset Decumulation in Singapore
Min Gong Psychology The Generality of Group Cooperativeness under Uncertainty
Jose Guajardo OPIM Managing risk of equipment failure through performance-based contracts: an empirical analysis
Shawnika Hull Annenberg Manipulating risk perceptions: Examining the utility of exemplars for altering perceptions of HIV related risk.
Eric Keuffel Health Care Health Delivery Complements and Health Worker Emigration from Africa
B. Kyu Kim Marketing Hot Drive States, Perception of Delays, and Impatience in Delay Discounting Task
Fern Lin Marketing The Impact of Naturalness on Perceived Risk
Shimul Melwani Management He said that she said: Gossip in the Workplace
Matthew Nassar Neuroscience Quantitative Analysis of Belief Updating in a Dynamic Environment
Chieh Ou-Yang Insurance and Risk Management Parimutuel Insurance for Hedging against Catastrophic Risks
Jessica Pickett Health Care Evaluation of Government-Funded Health Insurance
Nicole Ruedy OPIM Emotional Consequences of Unethical Decision Making
Eric Schwartz Marketing How Much Social Network Data Do We Really Need?
Benjamin Shiller BPUB Consumer (Ir)rationality and the Coase Conjecture in the PC Video-Game Market
Ewa Szymanska Psychology Revenge & Third Party Punishment
Nicole Verrochi Marketing Emotion Regulation in Decision Making
Alison Wood OPIM Anxiety and Negotiations: Early Exit and Unnecessary Concessions
Joel Wooten OPIM Managing Uncertainty through Choice