Proposal Title
Nitin Bakshi OPIM Predicting Business Interruption Losses from Natural Disasters: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina
Rajesh Bhargave Marketing The Role of Resolution of Emotional Goals in Memory for Discrete Emotions
Amit Bhattacharjee Marketing Research on Human Decision Processes and Risk Management
Jeonghye Choi Marketing Are Consumers Independent or Interdependent? Firm-Driven Advertising versus Consumer-Initiated Word-of-Mouth
Felipe Csaszar Management Implications of Organization Design on Industry Dynamics
Brett Danaher Business and Public Policy Does Level of Risk Affect Individual Computer Security Decisions?
Xiaoyan Deng Marketing Associative and Rule-Based Processing of Product Location on Package Facade
Pnina Feldman OPIM Getting to NO: Theory and Evidence of Instrumental Negotiations
Stephanie Finnel Marketing Human Decision Processes and Risk Management
Daniel Fleder OPIM Mechanism for Information Sharing: Recommender Systems and their Effects on Diversity
Katherine Glac Legal Studies & Business Ethics Explaining Socially Responsible Investing: Toward a Unifying Framework of the Investment Decision Process
Yanliu Huang Marketing Trade-offs in the Dark Exemplar-Based Learning and Extrapolated Preference Functions
Shawnika Hull Annenberg School of Communication Selfish or Selfless? Self-interested Versus Benevolent Framed Messages in HIV-Antibody Test Promotion
Adam Isen Business and Public Policy Using Special Events to Estimate the Effect of Police on Crime in the Short Run
Srividya Jandhyala Management De Jue & De Facto Protection and Impact on MNC Location Choices
Kinshuk Jerath OPIM Customer-Base Analysis Using Repeated Cross-Sectional Summary (RCSS) Data
Eric Keuffel Health Care Systems Pharmaceutical R&D Response to Shifts in Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Policy
Sang-Hyun Kim OPIM Incentive Contracting to Manage Low-Probability, High-Consequence Events
Ka Lok Lee Marketing A Spatial Analysis of Medication Adherence Behavior
Shimul Melwani Management Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones and Words Will Hurt Me: Effects of Contempt in the Workplace
Ashwin Patel Health Care Systems WHO DO PATIENTS LISTEN TO? The Case of Report Cards and HMO Advertising
Nicole Ruedy OPIM Taking the High Road: Self-Concept Maintenance and Ethical Decision-Making
Neela Saldanha Marketing Mixed Indulgence: How Pleasure and Sin Interact in Perceptions and Choices of Mixed Indulgence
Monica Stallings Management Gender Differences in Informal Network Composition and Usage
Nicole Verrochi Marketing Cross-Race Emotional Contagion and Helping Behaviors