Proposal Title
Colleen Baker Legal Studies and Business Ethics Does Antitrust Law Increase Systemic Risks Associated with Interdependent Security Issues in Financial Markets?
Rajesh Bhargave Marketing Advice Taken but not Followed: Vividness, Identifiability and Word-of-Mouth Behavior
Ying Chen Insurance and Risk Management Optimal Portfolio Analysis with Wage-Indexed Social Security
Jeonghye Choi Marketing Evolution of Social Interactions Over Time and Space: Evidence from New Customers in the Online Grocery Industry
Felipe Csaszar Management An Efficient Frontier in Organization Design
Xiaoyan Deng Marketing Exploring Customer Judgement and Decision Making in the Context of Mass Customization
Yanliu Huang Marketing When Familiarity May Not Be a Good Thing: What Type of Specific Disease Should Be Highlighted in Generic Health Communications
Sam K. Hui Marketing Analysis of Path Data in Marketing with Application to Grocery Shopping Behavior
Eric Keuffel Health Care Systems The Effect of Temporary Unemployment Spells on Health Prevention Behaviors – A Panel Data Analysis
Alexander Leeds Operations and Information Management Goal-Based Choice: The Evolution of Goals and the Resolution of Choice
Robert D. Lieberthal Health Care Systems A Behavioral Study of the Sustainability of Intergenerational Transfers
Marianne Promberger Psychology Public Policy and Changing Preferences
Nicole Ruedy Operations and Information Management Does Power Lead to Unethical Behavior?
Neela Saldanha Marketing Mixed Indulgence: Consumer Perceptions, Evaluations and Choice
Tess Wilkinson-Ryan Psychology Moral Judgment in Contract Cases