Proposal Title
Christina Athena Aktipis Psychology Intertemporal Choice, Risk Attitudes and Environmental Stability
Gnana Bharathy Systems Engineering Agent Based Human Behavior Modeling: A knowledge engineering based systems methodology for integrating of social science frameworks for modeling agents with cognition, personality & culture
Michael Braun Operations and Information Management The Impact of Marketing Cues on Deductible Choice
Peter DeScioli Psychology The Development of Common Knowledge Representation
Jennifer Dunn Operations and Information Management Mechanics of Personal Reputation Formation
Noah Eisenkraft Management Significant Interactions: The relationship between conflict types and decision quality
Jeffrey Larson Marketing Learning Inefficient Effort-Accuracy Tradeoffs
Alexander Leeds Operations and Information Management Goals, Norms, and Attitudes in Decision Making
Ryan Muldoon Philosophy Normativity, Uncertainty, and Groups
Lakshmi Ramarajan Management Service with a Snub: Using Shame to Gain in the American Wedding Dress Industry
Joseph Redden Marketing The Psychology of Two-Part Tariffs
Nicole Ruedy Operations and Information Management Whistle While You Work? Can Affect Drain Cognitive Resources and Harm Performance?
Jacqueline Volkman Insurance and Risk Management Envy and Portfolio Allocation in Defined Contribution Pension Plans
Haitao Yin Business and Public Policy Risk-Based Pricing and Risk Prevention: Does the Private Insurance Market help Reduce Underground Storage Tank (UST) Release Rates